To exceed expectations is a key priority and earnest of our success. We are steadily aspiring to innovations which help us reach high quality and firm results like nobody else. We established reputation as a reliable and responsible partner with vast experience which guarantees effective discharge of commitments and reaching the real indicators of productivity increases. Many companies around the world entrust us to execute their projects. 

Guaranteed interchangeability with OEM details

We never discuss the quality. Our product line is fully supported by a team of high professional engineers possessing huge experience and excellent skills for selection of proper row materials and accurate workpiece. Our team clear understands a specific work character for every detail that promotes keeping high quality and equal to OEM details. 

Factory prices

Choosing Yardcom Technics, you interact directly with manufacturer and supplier. It is provides an opportunity to the customer for payment of optimal price.

Urgent supply 

As a rule, every client wishes to receive an order in the shortest timeframes. Yardcom Technics is able to deliver your order as quickly as possible. Due to wide range of processed spares,our team is ready to dispatch or ship required goods at the same day of the sent request. Moreover, production capacities of the company, allows delivery of absent in warehouse details during few days. 

Among other advantages of Yardcom Technics are:

  • constant availability of wide range of products in the warehouse; 
  • constant availability of spares required for annual maintenance of compressors  supplied previously;
  • conducting engineering arrangements;
  • compressor exploitation energy efficiency calculation, pre-engineering.


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