Metal plates and rings

Yardcom Technics offers a complete set of spare parts for air and gas compressor valves, applied for natural gas processing, aviation, artificial freezing industries as well as in PET-industry. Among them are: 

  • damping plates;
  • cushion plates;
  • spring plates;
  • wafer plates;
  • other valve plates and rings. 

Producing stainless steel plates and rings, Yardcom Technics applies the most recent laser equipment providing high-accuracy cutting of the metal plates. We use patent technology for stress relieving and wiping that guarantees a high quality of spares according to OEM standards. We have an extensive range of stainless steel rings, springs, bridges, printing plates and mainsprings which are extra durable and abrasion resistant. All types of spares are always in our warehouse and ready to be delivered at any time by your request.

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