Yardcom Technics has enough capacities to produce different types of springs — from tiny to heavy. Today, Yardcom Technics has stocks over two (2) mln. of multifarious types of locally producing springs. They are presented in three modifications: conic, convex and cylindrical. Wiring templates are round and flat.

In our production, we use the best alloy of materials such as Inconel X-750 and 718, Nimonic 90, Hastelloy C-276, Phynox, Titanium as well as Cobalt-Nickel-Chrome-Molybdenum alloy (MP35N) that gives an item such unique properties as super strength, durability, solidity and firmness to corrosion.

Producing springs for our customers, we use comprehensive approach covering not only design development and force calculation but also final testing of spring including stress analysis, deflections, fatigue, creep, etc.

In according to your request, our in-house engineers can recommend you the best spring prototype which — in case of its approval — will be successfully launched to production. All our dimensions are supported by appropriate calculations and test conditions. After necessary physical calculations, we will present you several drafts to make a final and right choice. 

We closely cooperate with key suppliers of spring material obtaining feed of best quality and at unbeatable prices. We apply the most advanced methods in spring designing and testing. Moreover, we highly adhere to the principals of joint work with our customers that allows us to get maximum result in the shortest terms.

All produced springs tested for compliance with OEM springs standards considering such characteristics as size, force and deformation.  

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