Yardcom Technics is your safe and reliable partner in the sphere of solutions for compressor industry. The company located in Calgary, one of the biggest oil and gas centers of Canada. We cooperate with customers from North America, Europe, and Middle East. 

We have a great experience in the oil and gas, energy and processing industries. We work with centrifugal and reciprocating compressor systems, aggregates and units. 

Yardcom Technics was established in 1996 by Chris MacDawell, a design engineer of compressor plants. Before, he personally participated in developments aimed to improve air and gas compressors and their maintenance. Chris MacDawell establishing the Yardcom Technics company, chose alternative way of development by widening a line of manufactured products and departed from the standard production of valves, pistons and springs unlike many other produces. By 1997 we have developed and adjusted a new reliable production process of gaskets and seals.

Today, Yardcom Technics takes the niche as one of the key manufacturers of spare parts for compressors in Canada and United States. Production capacities of the company make us able to produce a wide range of details:

  • metal parts (wafers, shutters, spring plates, etc.);
  • plugs / fillets;
  • springs;
  • plastic units

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