Plugs, sealings and inserts

Yardcom Technics is one of the leading manufacturers of spare parts for the compression industry. Supplying various spares, Yardcom Technics offers a wide range of compressor components designed to provide our customer with best performance and steadiness.

Within 20 years, Yardcom Technics supplies the highest quality products and services to the compression industry and has proven itself as an advanced provider of top solutions for different applications.

We provide our customers with multifunctional and comprehensive service at every stage of our cooperation — from designing to manufacturing and testing. We use flexible approach in cooperation with our customers that makes us a reliable and trusty partner for many clients around the world.

Yardcom Technics aspires to the highest quality standards in manufacturing of plugs, sealings and inserts — the spares which are critically important for compressor's best performing and its operational activity. We offer the complete set of spares including plugs, sealing, fence plates, inserts, etc.

We apply the best alloy of steels, aluminum and cast iron as well as polytetrafluorethylene, nylon, molybdenum, carbon to make our details more resistant to operating conditions.

Our spares are fully met a number of special requirements, such as:

  • high or low temperatures;
  • resistance against corrosion;
  • damping capacity.

Keeping these requirements, we supply spares of high quality to increase the life-cycle of your compressors and reduce your maintenance costs. Experienced technical skills of compressor design allow our engineers to choose right materials and spare components depended on your needs.

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